S02 Episode Three: Anger and Costume Design

We’re back with our final episode before the holidays, this time joined by award-winning costume designer Kendra Terpenning. We spent a sunny spring afternoon together earlier this year, drinking lemonade, catching up, and chatting away about all kinds of things that are setting us ablaze lately, and Kendra shares some insightful ways she’s dealt with anger over the years. 

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About Our Guest

Kendra Terpenning is a Canadian costume designer in film and television. Kendra began her career in theatre studying at the University of Victoria (which is where we met) moving to Toronto to pursue a design career in film. In 2022, Kendra won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Costume Design for her work on the film Night Raiders. She was also a CAFTCAD Award nominee in 2021 for her work on the film Goalie. Other notable credits include Kids in the Hall, Accused, Tall Boyz, Carter, and Through Black Spruce

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Show Notes 

Night Raiders  

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I Love Dick  

Promising Young Woman  


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