SARAH HILTZ is expanding the contemporary Canadian folk tradition with her latest album, Beauty in the Blue, a compilation of songs and stories culled from her multiple journeys across Canada as a travelling musician on Via Rail’s passenger train, “The Canadian”. Co-produced by Sarah and Kevin Howley, Beauty in the Blue features lush, nuanced vocals and jazz-influenced songwriting. Sarah’s previous work as a talented singer-songwriter landed her opening slots for Canadian icons Gordon Lightfoot and Ron Hynes, Top 3 placement in a nation-wide music competition (She’s The One), and earned her an invitation to give a TEDx talk in 2014. (click for long bio)

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Without You

Praise for Beauty In The Blue

"Quietly uplifting and invigoratingly hopeful, Hiltz gives a much-needed reminder that everything eventually works out as it should. Her proficiency of many genres comes through in the album, ranging from bossa nova rhythms to Joni Mitchell vocal inflections. The lyrics are poignant, giving off a soft resonance. Instead of singing over an acoustic guitar for the entire album (as many singer-songwriters do), she experiments with overlapping instrumentation for colourful harmonies and percussion details. It’s as vibrant as her personality, serene, and optimistic despite all hardships — past and present."